What We Do and Believe


Leading Change

Change is constant. Are you reacting, adapting, or making it happen? Leadership is not the exclusive domain of those at the helms of a department or an organization; it is a characteristic of your culture and everyone in it. A culture of leadership shows up to others as a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone believes they bring value, has the opportunity to contribute, communicates, knows their role, and is comfortable with taking accountability to do their part to achieve goals in common.
To make change happen, you have to know, build, and leverage your organization’s competencies, much of which are in the minds and hearts of people. This requires creating and sustaining an emotionally intelligent work environment that breaks down counterproductive behaviors and decisions with communication, transparency, and collaborative, empathic relationships.

What are you doing to prepare everyone in your organization to be a leader as well as a productive employee? How do you help everyone model the behaviors that reflect the organization’s values, drive the strategy, and take confident ownership of the work to be done to execute?

Herriford Consulting can help you assess and build your organization’s leadership capacity through practices that influence culture. We provide:

  • A variety of personal and professional leadership development, workshops, and coaching based upon emotional intelligence
  • Training and practices for increasing and leveraging diversity and inclusion in tech education and workplaces
  • Planning and best practices for aligning vision/mission and values with organizational culture; existing or envisioned
  • Facilitation of collaborative projects for change

We have experience working across sectors (technology, education, and local and state government) and those organization that have taken advantage of our services found that achieving the change they sought came down to abilities associated with leadership and emotional intelligence. Let us show you how it can make a difference for you.

Our Purpose:

To continuously gain and share wisdom to enhance collective work today for an increasingly better tomorrow.

Our Values:

Integrity, Accountability, Ethical Behavior, Open & Honest Communication, Interdependence, Lifelong Learning, Social Responsibility, Shared Success, and Being of Service.

Our Strengths:

Transforming potential to excellence; finding a better way; seeing the big picture and its relationship to vision; finding meaningfulness in work and life; being dependable; increasing team commitment, energy and optimism; and building bridges between people with different perspectives and from different cultures.